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Japan Considers Easing Export Controls to South Korea

Japan is mulling over the easing of export controls to South Korea, as the latter's president seeks to better ties amidst the current strained East Asian security environment, according to a report by the Sankei newspaper.

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Japan to Decide on Easing Curbs

Japan is expected to decide if it will ease the curbs on the shipment of high-tech materials imposed in 2019 due to a dispute over Japan's forced labor of Korean workers during World War II. The decision will come as the two neighbors hold talks to resolve the dispute.

South Korea Hopes for Wise Judgment

In a statement, South Korea's foreign ministry expressed hope that Japan will make a wise judgment, given the growing need to promote cooperation among countries sharing universal values and the increasing importance of economic security. The issue of the export curbs is likely to be resolved during consultations between the two countries on various issues, including forced labor.

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Conclusion of Dispute Imminent

Foreign ministers of the two countries recently held talks in Tokyo, with diplomatic officials scheduled to meet in Seoul on Monday. The two nations, both important U.S. allies, are close to concluding a plan to resolve their dispute.