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Israel's TA 35 Index Suffers Slight Dip Amid Sector Losses

A dip in Biomed, Technology, and Oil & Gas sectors contributed to a minor loss in Israel's TA 35 index at Sunday's close.

Monitors showing Israeli stocks
Monitors showing Israeli stocks

Market Summary: A Mixed Session for Israel's TA 35

Israel's stocks experienced a downturn after the market closed on Sunday, primarily driven by losses in the Biomed, Technology, and Oil & Gas sectors. This led to a slight dip in the TA 35, Israel's primary stock market index, which closed 0.09% lower.

Stock Performance: Delek Group Tops the Gain Chart

The session's top performers on the TA 35 included Delek Group (TASE: DLEKG), Mivne Real Estate KD Ltd (TASE: MVNE), and Strauss Group (TASE: STRS). Delek Group rose 3.74% or 1,640.00 points to close at 45,500.00. Mivne Real Estate saw an increase of 2.80% or 26.00 points, ending at 954.00, while Strauss Group gained 2.32% or 203.00 points to close at 8,968.00.

Stock Underperformers: Ormat Technologies Leads the Decline

The session saw a decline in several stocks, with Ormat Technologies (TASE: ORA), Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TASE: TEVA), and ICL Israel Chemicals Ltd (TASE: ICL) being the hardest hit. Ormat Technologies fell 5.33% or 1,720.00 points to 30,540.00. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries saw a dip of 3.48% or 96.00 points to close at 2,666.00, while ICL Israel Chemicals declined 2.94% or 59.00 points to 1,950.00.

Despite the minor loss in the TA 35, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange saw more gains than losses. Stocks on the rise outnumbered those on the decline by a margin of 278 to 175, with 39 stocks remaining unchanged.

Commodity and Forex Movements: Crude Oil and Gold Dip

In the commodities market, crude oil for July delivery and Brent oil for August delivery fell, with declines of 1.32% and 1.21%, respectively. Similarly, the August Gold Futures contract slipped 0.14% to trade at $1,975.90 a troy ounce. Meanwhile, USD/ILS and EUR/ILS both saw declines, falling 1.73% and 1.87%, respectively. However, the US Dollar Index Futures experienced a slight increase of 0.20% to reach 103.15.