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Israel's Government Faces Chaos Amid Judicial Reform Protests

Mass overnight protests erupted in Israel over the controversial plans to overhaul the judiciary and the dismissal of the defense chief. As a result, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition was thrown into chaos.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

General Strike Called by Histadrut Union Amid Unrest

In response to the political turmoil, the Histadrut labor union called for a general strike, leading to one of the largest waves of industrial action seen in years in Israel.

Netanyahu's Expected Statement on Judicial Reforms Postponed

A televised statement from Netanyahu, which was expected to announce the suspension of the judiciary overhaul plans, was postponed as the Prime Minister met with coalition party leaders.

Justice Minister Yariv Levin Pledges to Respect Netanyahu's Decision

Yariv Levin, the Justice Minister leading the reform process, stated that as a member of the ruling Likud party, he would respect whatever decision Netanyahu reached.

An Israeli woman participating in the protests
An Israeli woman participating in the protests

Protesters and Counter-Demonstrators Face Off in Israeli Cities

Tens of thousands of protesters took to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem streets. At the same time, supporters of the overhaul organized a counter-demonstration in front of the Knesset, raising concerns about potential violence.

Netanyahu to Suspend Overhaul Amid Protests and Presidential Warning

Sources within the Likud party suggested that Netanyahu would suspend the judiciary overhaul plans, which have sparked some of the largest street demonstrations in Israel's history and prompted a rare intervention by the nation's President, Isaac Herzog.

President Isaac Herzog Urges Suspension of Legislation

In a tweet, President Herzog called for the immediate suspension of the legislative process for the sake of unity and responsibility in Israel.

Defence Minister Yoav Gallant Dismissed Amid Controversy

Netanyahu announced the dismissal of Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, who opposed the judicial reform plans and warned that the growing divide in Israeli society was affecting the military and national security.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu

Tensions in Knesset as Opposition No Confidence Motion Defeated

Opponents criticized the reform process during intense scenes in the Knesset, but the no-confidence motion was ultimately defeated. National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir called for the overhaul to proceed.

Financial Market Reactions to Political Turbulence in Israel

The Israeli shekel experienced fluctuations due to the political unrest but later recovered as expectations grew that the legislation would be halted. Shares in Tel Aviv increased by around 2%.

General Strike Affects Ben Gurion Airport, Seaports, and Businesses

In response to the general strike call, take-offs from Ben Gurion airport were suspended, and Israel's main seaports, banks, hospitals, medical services, and even McDonald's branches closed their doors.

The intervention of security forces in protests that continue at night
The intervention of security forces in protests that continue at night

Debate Over Judicial Overhaul Impact on Israel's Democracy

While the government claims the overhaul is necessary to balance power between the elected government and judiciary, opponents argue that it undermines legal checks and balances, posing a significant threat to Israel's democracy. The future of these reforms remains uncertain as political tensions continue to rise.