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Iran's Defense Ministry Says Attack Was Repellent

The Iranian Defense Ministry reported repelling a drone attack on a military site in Isfahan province.

Emir Hatemi, Iran's Defense Minister
Emir Hatemi, Iran's Defense Minister

The attack, carried out by drones, caused minor damage to the roof of a building, but no casualties were reported. One of the drones was destroyed by the site's anti-air defense system, while the other two exploded.

Investigation Underway

The cause of the incident is under investigation; however, some Telegram channels affiliated with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps have accused Israel of the attack. Authorities did not elaborate on the activities at the targeted site north of Isfahan. Meanwhile, on Saturday night, unconfirmed reports of explosions and smoke northwest of the capital Tehran were recorded.

Previous Incidents in Isfahan

In July 2021, Iran arrested a sabotage team of Kurdish militants working for Israel who planned to blow up a "sensitive" defense industry center in Isfahan. Iran's nuclear program and tensions with arch-enemy Israel have been a source of concern. In April 2021, Tehran announced it had started producing 60 percent enriched uranium at the Natanz site in Isfahan province.

Iran Denies Nuclear Weapons Development

Iran denies the accusation that it seeks to develop nuclear weapons, while Israel claims otherwise. Iran's retaliation for the recent drone attack is yet to be seen, however, experience has shown that they will retaliate.