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Interactive Brokers Launches Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading in Hong Kong

Interactive Brokers launches BTC and ETH trading in Hong Kong for its investor clients, powered by OSL Digital Securities.

Interactive Brokers logo
Interactive Brokers logo

Interactive Brokers is now offering cryptocurrency trading to its clients in Hong Kong. The new offering will enable investor clients to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, providing them with a unified client experience. This move comes amidst the rising popularity of cryptocurrency trading, despite falling prices and a spike in demand.

BTC and ETH Trading for 40 Million People

Interactive Brokers, an American multinational brokerage company, announced its plans to offer cryptocurrency trading in June 2021. Initially delayed, the launch of the new trading offering will enable 40 million people to trade cryptocurrencies in one place. David Friedland, Head of APAC at IBKR, expressed that the demand for digital assets continues to grow in Hong Kong and worldwide.

OSL Digital Securities logo
OSL Digital Securities logo

Powered by OSL Digital Securities

OSL Digital Securities will power the BTC and ETH trading by Interactive Brokers. The launch of the services comes at a time when the cryptocurrency realm is developing in Hong Kong. Clients will benefit from the minimum costs and be able to trade cryptocurrencies all in one place.