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Biden Announces Infrastructure Investments to Create Jobs and Grow the Economy

President Biden announces major transportation projects funded by the new National Infrastructure Project Assistance discretionary grant program.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

The President visits New York to announce a nearly $1.2 billion Mega grant for nine infrastructure projects across America.

$292 Million for Hudson Tunnel Project

President Biden announces a $292 million Mega grant to Amtrak for the Hudson Tunnel Project. The funding will complete a critical early phase of the Hudson Tunnel Project, an over $16 billion investment to improve train service between New York and New Jersey. The project is expected to create 72,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction with union partnerships for job training.

Hudson Tunnel Project Benefits

The Hudson Tunnel Project will improve the resilience, reliability, and redundancy of New Jersey Transit and Amtrak train service. The project will reduce commute times, enhance Amtrak reliability on the Northeast Corridor, and support the northeast regional economy. The existing North River Tunnel is over 100 years old and has reached its full capacity, causing bottlenecks and delays for commuters and travelers. The Hudson Tunnel Project will rehabilitate the old tunnel and build a new tunnel to provide redundant capacity and reduce delays.

Hudson Tunnel Project
Hudson Tunnel Project

Funding for Major Infrastructure Projects

This funding announcement is the first of several expected for the Gateway Hudson Tunnel Project this year and is the most significant federal funding to date. The Administration is committed to providing the billions of dollars in funding necessary to ensure the critical project is completed. Other major infrastructure projects, including upgrading economically significant bridges and 26 major projects through the INFRA program, have also received funding.

President Biden’s Economic Agenda

These infrastructure improvements are a critical part of President Biden’s economic agenda to build the economy from the bottom up and middle out. The projects will create good-paying jobs, including union jobs and jobs that do not require a college degree, grow the economy, strengthen supply chains, improve mobility for residents, and make transportation systems safer for all users.