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Hacker Returns 51,000 Ether to Euler Finance, EUL Tokens Surge

After a $200 million exploit, the hacker behind the Euler Finance attack returns most of the stolen funds, leading to a surge in EUL token value.

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Hacker Returns Majority of Stolen Funds

The individual responsible for Euler Finance's $200 million exploit earlier this month has returned most of the stolen funds to the protocol today.

EUL Token Price Spikes Following Token Transfer

Following the return of the stolen tokens, Euler's native EUL tokens experienced a 25% increase in value within 24 hours, potentially due to positive sentiment among traders.

Blockchain Data Reveals Transaction Details

Etherscan data reveals that over 51,000 ether, worth nearly $90 million, was sent back to the Euler deployer contract during early U.S. hours on Saturday.

Attacker Transfers Dai Stablecoins

Despite returning most of the stolen funds, the exploiter also made several transactions transferring tens of millions of dai stablecoins to another wallet, according to blockchain data.

Euler's Bounty Offer to Hacker

Euler Finance previously offered a $1 million bounty for the hacker to return 90% of the stolen funds, following the protocol's exploit earlier this month.

Exploit Losses and Attack Method

The lending protocol lost almost $200 million in four transactions involving dai, wrapped bitcoin, staked ether, and USD coin. The attacker used a flash loan to trick the protocol into falsely assuming varying amounts of eToken and dToken, as CoinDesk reported.