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Google Tests AI Chatbot Competitor

Google is testing potential rivals to the viral AI chatbot ChatGPT, including its own AI chatbot called "Apprentice Bard."

Google logo with security camera on it
Google logo with security camera on it

Google's "Apprentice Bard"

Google's "Apprentice Bard" uses the company's language technology, LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), and operates similarly to ChatGPT.

Code Red Issued

This news follows reports that Google management issued a "code red" due to the rise of ChatGPT, which has been generating written human-like text.

Apprentice Bard's Functionality

Like ChatGPT, users can ask "Apprentice Bard" questions and receive answers, with the option to provide feedback on the response.

Financial Stability

"Apprentice Bard" responded to a question about potential layoffs at Google, saying it was "unlikely" for another round of layoffs in 2023 due to the company's financial stability. Although Google's revenue increased by 34% in 2021, its stock price has risen by 70% since January 2022.

Google's Other AI Developments

Aside from "Apprentice Bard," Google is also testing other AI-powered products, including a search page. The company has long been focused on developing AI to improve people's lives.

Google's Statement

Google declined to comment on the specific projects reported by CNBC but stated its belief that AI is a foundational and transformative technology with societal impacts to consider.