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Google Hit With $338.7 Million Fine in Chromecast Patent Infringement Case

Google faces a massive $338.7 million payout over patent infringements linked to its Chromecast technology, as decided by a Texas jury.

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Jury Verdict: Google Violates Touchstream Patent Rights

The US federal jury in Waco, Texas, concluded on Friday that Google violated software developer Touchstream Technologies' patent rights. Google's Chromecast and other devices were found guilty of infringing patents associated with streaming videos between screens.

Google's Stand: Asserting Independent Innovation

Reacting to the verdict, Google spokesperson, Jose Castaneda stated on Monday that the tech giant intends to contest the judgment. He emphasized that Google has "always developed technology independently and competed on the merits of our ideas."

Touch Stream's Allegations: Origin of the Dispute

Touchstream, also known as Shodogg, initiated the lawsuit in 2021, alleging that their founder David Strober's innovative technology, invented in 2010, was copied by Google. This technology facilitates moving videos from smaller devices, like smartphones, to larger ones, such as televisions. Google's Chromecast media-streaming devices, launched in 2013, were reportedly developed after Google had discussions with Touchstream regarding their technology in 2011 and expressed disinterest two months later.

Patent Infringement Extends to Other Google Products

According to Touchstream, it's not just Google's Chromecast that infringes their patents. They also claim violations by Google's Home and Nest smart speakers and by third-party televisions and speakers with Chromecast capabilities. However, Google refutes these allegations, maintaining it hasn't infringed Touchstream's rights and questioning the validity of the patents themselves.

Touchstream is also currently engaged in similar legal disputes with cable providers Comcast, Charter, and Altice in Texas. These cases, initiated earlier in the year, remain unresolved.