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Google Chairman Tapped by Biden Team for Semiconductors Research Venture

In a groundbreaking move, the Biden administration seeks the expertise of tech industry veterans for a major research and development initiative in the semiconductor industry.

John Hennessy
John Hennessy

Alphabet Chairman Joins Semiconductor Research Endeavor

John Hennessy, the Chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, is among five tech industry specialists chosen by the Biden administration to contribute to the research and development of the next generation of computer chips, according to US officials who preferred to stay anonymous.

National Semiconductor Technology Center's Future Leaders

The announcement regarding Hennessy and the other selected experts will be made by the Commerce Department on Tuesday. They will be tasked with selecting a board of trustees to manage the National Semiconductor Technology Center.

Spearheading Next-Generation Chip Research

The selected committee is to direct a public-private collaboration that was commissioned to spearhead research into next-generation chips. This initiative is part of last year's bipartisan $52.7 billion semiconductor manufacturing and research law, which also includes provisions for new chip plants. The board is anticipated to make politically sensitive decisions, including determining the locations within the United States for the center's research facilities.

Boosting Domestic Chipmaking Industry

President Joe Biden aims to bolster the domestic chipmaking industry. His goals include creating high-paying jobs, minimizing reliance on major producers in China and Taiwan, and ensuring the United States maintains a competitive edge in advanced technologies, crucial for the future of military technologies.

Impact of Chip Shortages on Consumer Inflation

Economists attribute the increased consumer inflation since the COVID-19 pandemic partly to insufficient chip supply, causing shortages in goods ranging from cars to washing machines and video game consoles.

Key Committee Members

In addition to Hennessy, who is also a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Stanford University, the selection committee comprises Deloitte Consulting principal Janet Foutty, RAND Corp CEO Jason Matheny, Anzu Partners venture capitalist and former Qualcomm executive Don Rosenberg, and Brenda Wilkerson, president of a non-profit education organization.