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Goldman Sachs Initiates Hiring Surge to Address Concerns Amid Increased Federal Oversight

As U.S. regulatory authorities tighten their scrutiny, Goldman Sachs is taking decisive action by recruiting several hundred new staff members.

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Goldman's Response to Regulatory Pressure

In response to a recent surge in regulatory scrutiny from the U.S. government, Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) is planning a significant hiring spree, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday, citing individuals with knowledge of the situation.

Addressing Concerns with the Federal Reserve

The Wall Street banking giant is enlisting several hundred new staffers to specifically tackle concerns raised by authorities, including the Federal Reserve, as revealed in the report.

Goldman Sachs' Official Statement

Goldman Sachs stated regarding the matter, asserting, "We are not permitted to comment on any supervisory matters related to our regulators. Therefore we are not able to comment on these reports."

The Federal Reserve's Lack of Immediate Response

Representatives for the Federal Reserve have not yet responded to a Reuters request for comment, reflecting the sensitive and possibly complex nature of the regulatory examination.