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Germany Approves Tank Delivery to Ukraine

The German government has approved a private arms maker's plans to deliver 88 older Leopard 1 tanks to Kyiv for over €100 million.

Leopard 1 Tank
Leopard 1 Tank

The German spokesman Steffen Hebestreit confirmed that an export license has been issued but did not mention the specific number of tanks.

Supply Bottlenecks Risk

The delivery of Leopard 1 tanks, which are no longer produced, might result in supply bottlenecks as the shells of these tanks have a different caliber than the newer Leopard 2s.

Gepard Tank Buyback

The German government is considering buying back 15 Gepard tanks that it sold to Qatar, but this might face some issues as the ammunition for these tanks is made in Switzerland, which has so far refused to approve re-exports to Ukraine on the grounds of neutrality.

European Tank Coalition

After weeks of intense pressure from its partners, Germany approved the delivery of about 80 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, including about 14 of its tanks, as part of a European coalition. The UK has pledged to send Kyiv some of its Challenger 2 tanks, and the US will send 31 M1 Abrams.