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GameFi Needs More Quality Games to Attract Mainstream Users

According to Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, a wider choice of quality games is needed to bring the masses into GameFi.

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GameFi, also known as blockchain-backed gaming, allows players to earn monetary rewards and take ownership of items within the games. However, Yung states that the need for a wide choice of high-quality products has prevented crypto gaming from gaining traction among mainstream users. He cited a panel discussion on venture capital investing where he noted that the number of available products still needs to be increased to attract mainstream users.

Yung draws an analogy to the history of mobile gaming, noting that it took several years before a "critical mass" of available titles was reached. He states that the blockchain game space is still nascent relative to the time it takes to make a good game.

The CEO also highlighted the rapid pace at which the crypto gaming sector is changing and the need for firms to be agile and flexible. He stated that "that agility has been a necessary skill in this market for years, and it will continue being that way."