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G7 Strongly Condemns North Korea's Ballistic Missile Launch

The G7 foreign ministers condemned North Korea's launch of a long-range ballistic missile, calling for a united response from the international community. The US strongly condemned the launch and pledged to protect itself and its allies. The missile was launched from Sunan, near Pyongyang.

Flags of G7 countries
Flags of G7 countries

The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven industrialized nations (G7) have issued a statement condemning North Korea's recent launch of a long-range ballistic missile into the sea off Japan's west coast. The ministers emphasized that this action is a flagrant violation of UN Security Council resolutions and threatens regional and international peace and security.

G7 Calls for United Response to North Korea's Reckless Behavior

The statement also calls for a united response from the international community, including additional significant measures to be taken by the UN Security Council. The United States has strongly condemned the ballistic missile launch and declared that it would take all necessary measures to protect itself and its allies in the region.

North Korean ballistic missiles
North Korean ballistic missiles

US Commits to Protecting American Soil and Allies

A spokesman for the White House National Security Council, Adrienne Watson, stated that the missile did not pose an immediate threat but raised regional tensions. The United States will take all necessary measures to protect American soil and its allies, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

North Korea Launches Long-Range Missile from Sunan

The long-range missile was launched from the Sunan region near Pyongyang, according to the general staff of South Korea's armed forces. Sunan is home to Pyongyang International Airport, where North Korea has conducted most of its recent ICBM tests.