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FTX Bankruptcy: Creditor List Reveals Tech, Finance, and Service Companies

FTX, a once-dominant player in the cryptocurrency industry, filed for bankruptcy in November after a bank run on the exchange caused a liquidity crunch, revealing that customer assets were not fully backed.

FTX logo in broken glass
FTX logo in broken glass

The company's founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, has since been arrested and charged with eight financial crimes in connection with the collapse of the exchange.

Financial Advisors Release Creditor List

Financial advisors for FTX released the complete list of the company's institutional creditors in a court filing on Wednesday. The document, over a hundred pages long and organized alphabetically, shows the names of the companies that are owed money by FTX and provides insight into the entities involved in the exchange's bankruptcy.

The creditor List Includes Tech, Finance, and Media Companies

The list includes well-known tech companies such as Apple and WeWork and media publications like the Wall Street Journal and CoinDesk. It also includes companies in the digital assets industry, such as Coinbase, Binance Capital Management, Chainalysis, Yuga Labs, Doodles, and Silvergate Bank. Reddit is also listed as a creditor.

Netflix building in California
Netflix building in California

The Creditor List Also Includes Service Providers

The list includes companies that may be owed money for goods and services, such as CVS, Netflix, and Comcast. It also includes multiple revenue departments from different states across the US and the Bahamas Ministry of Finance.

It's important to note that the document does not include specific dollar amounts or information regarding individual customers, over 9.6 million of which were redacted. A company's inclusion on the list doesn't necessarily mean that the entity had a trading account with FTX.