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French Stock Market Flourishes: Tech, Oil & Gas, and Utilities Drive CAC 40 Up by 0.27%

French stock markets saw a favorable close on Thursday, driven by significant gains in the Technology, Oil & Gas, and Utility sectors.

Monitors showing French stocks
Monitors showing French stocks

Technology and Energy Sectors Lead the Way

Closing in Paris, the CAC 40 experienced a growth of 0.27%, and the SBF 120 index also rose, recording a 0.28% increase. This growth was particularly fueled by the Technology, Oil & Gas, and Utility sectors, leading to higher share prices.

Top Performing Stocks on CAC 40

The session's top performers on the CAC 40 included Alstom SA (EPA: ALSO), which increased by 2.61% or 0.71 points, closing at 27.90. Similarly, Stellantis NV (EPA: STLAM) and Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin SCA (EPA: MICP) recorded gains of 1.51% to close at 15.18 and 27.59, respectively.

CAC 40's Laggards

On the flip side, Worldline SA (EPA: WLN), Teleperformance SE (EPA: TEPRF), and Eurofins Scientific SE (EPA: EUFI) were among the underperformers, with Worldline SA falling by 1.48% to 36.56 at the close.

SBF 120 Index's Top and Bottom Performers

On the SBF 120, Rexel (EPA: RXL), Verallia (EPA: VRLA), and Valeo SA (EPA: VLOF) led the way with respective gains of 5.38%, 5.18%, and 4.79%. Ubisoft Entertainment (EPA: UBIP), Eramet SA (EPA: ERMT), and Voltalia SA (EPA: VLTSA), however, trailed behind, recording losses.

Snapshot of the Market Performance

At the end of the trading day, the Paris Stock Exchange saw more winners than losers, with 263 stocks rising compared to 255 declining and 108 remaining unchanged.

Market Volatility and Commodity Trading

The CAC 40 VIX, a measure of the implied volatility of CAC 40 options, stayed steady at 18.96, reaching a new 52-week high. Commodities trading saw Gold Futures rise by 1.17%, while July's Crude oil and August Brent oil contract experienced a dip.

Currency Exchange and US Dollar Index Futures

The EUR/USD increased from 0.79% to 1.08 in currency exchange. However, the US Dollar Index Futures declined 0.74% to 103.29.