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French PM Proposes Meeting with Opposition and Unions Amid Pension Crisis

According to her office, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is set to meet opposition leaders and trade unions to quell ongoing protests against a new pension law.

Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel Macron

Violent Protests Erupt Over Pension Reform Legislation

The pension reform, which increases the retirement age by two years, has sparked weeks of demonstrations, which turned violent after the government passed the legislation without a final parliamentary vote.

Macron Rejects Delaying Legislation, Seeks Parliamentary Support

Despite the protests, President Emmanuel Macron has refused to scrap or delay the legislation. Instead, he has tasked Prime Minister Borne with securing additional parliamentary support after the government failed to secure enough votes for the bill.

Borne to Restart Dialogue with Unions and Political Leaders

Prime Minister Borne intends to meet with political party leaders and restart discussions with unions regarding labor issues. She plans to hold these meetings with opposition and union leaders during the week of April 3.

Pledge to Avoid Bypassing Votes on Legislation, Except for Budget Bills

As reported by AFP, Borne also committed not to use constitutional powers to adopt legislation without a vote in the future, except for budget bills. Whether these efforts will appease a majority of the public opposed to the reform and demonstrators frustrated by the legislation's adoption without a final vote remains to be seen.

Unions Schedule 10th Nationwide Protest Against Pension Law

Trade unions have planned Tuesday's 10th day of nationwide protests against the pension law. Last Thursday's protest saw the most violent clashes with police so far. CFDT union leader Laurent Berger has suggested a six-month pause on the law to explore potential compromises.