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Fox Pays $12M to Ex-Producer Grossberg in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement

In a landmark settlement, Fox Corp pays $12 million to former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg, bringing an end to a high-profile gender discrimination case.

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Fox Corporation Resolves Discrimination Lawsuit with $12M Settlement

Fox Corporation has settled a lawsuit filed by former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg. The plaintiff, who had accused the company of gender discrimination and alleged manipulation by the network's lawyers in the Dominion Voting Systems case, will receive $12 million, according to her attorney, Tanvir Rahman. This comes after Fox's earlier agreement on April 18 to pay Dominion $787.5 million to settle a defamation lawsuit filed by the voting technology firm in Delaware.

The Aftermath of the Defamation Lawsuit and Tucker Carlson's Departure

One week following the Dominion agreement, Fox announced that it was parting ways with conservative host Tucker Carlson. Carlson was implicated in the case, with Dominion accusing him of allowing debunked election fraud claims about their company to be aired on his show, despite expressing doubts in private. Grossberg, who was responsible for booking guests for Carlson's show, was let go after initiating her lawsuit against Fox on March 20.

Fox and Grossberg Statements Post Settlement

Following the settlement, a Fox News spokesperson expressed satisfaction, stating that they were pleased to have resolved the matter without further litigation. In her statement, Grossberg acknowledged that while she stands by her allegations, she is reassured that Fox News has taken her and her legal claims seriously. She has withdrawn her claims following the settlement.

Exploring the Claims of Grossberg's Lawsuit

In her lawsuit filed in federal court in Manhattan, Grossberg accused Fox of creating a hostile and discriminatory work environment, with allegations of gender and religious discrimination as well as pay equity violations. During the preparations for her deposition in the Dominion lawsuit, she claimed to have felt coerced and intimidated by Fox's legal team. Grossberg also accused Fox of exposing her to sexism, misogyny, and antisemitism.

The Dark Side of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' Revealed

"Tucker Carlson Tonight," the program on which Grossberg worked, and the top-rated prime-time U.S. cable TV news show, was also targeted in her Manhattan lawsuit. Grossberg accused Carlson of making derogatory remarks towards women and revealed several unsettling incidents involving staff members. She cited various instances of inappropriate behavior and explicit comments about political figures, creating a hostile working environment. Grossberg's shocking revelations have left a significant impact on the image of the program and its host.