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Fed's Lorie Logan Uncertain about June Interest Rate Hike Pause

Fed's Federal Reserve Bank President, Lorie Logan, expressed her concerns on Thursday about the stubbornly high inflation that, according to her, hasn't cooled down sufficiently. Thhasn'tuation might prevent the Fed from pausing its interest-rate hike campaign scheduled for June.

Lorie K. Logan
Lorie K. Logan

Potential for Policy Changes in Upcoming Weeks

Logan has yet to rule out the possibility of a policy change completely. "The data in the coming weeks could "yet show that it is appropriate to skip a meeting," she explained. These comments were" made in a speech prepared for the Texas Bankers Association in San Antonio.

No Decision Yet on June Interest Rate Pause

Despite the potential for change, Logan emphasized that no decision has been made to pause the June meeting. This meeting is part of the Fed's twice-quarterly policy-setting meetings, the next of which is slated for June 13-14. "As of today, though, we aren't there yet," she cautioned.