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Fed Chair Powell Pranked by Russians Posing as Zelenskyy

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was duped into a phone conversation with Russian pranksters pretending to be Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as confirmed by the central bank to ABC News.

Jerome Powell
Jerome Powell

Law Enforcement Investigates Incident

According to a central bank spokesperson's statement to ABC News, the January incident has been referred to law enforcement.

No Sensitive Information Disclosed

The central bank spokesperson assured that the conversation was friendly and did not involve any sensitive or confidential information.

Russian State TV Broadcasts Prank Call Video

The prank call was revealed in a video broadcast on Russian state television, as reported by Bloomberg, which also first reported on the call.

Fed Questions Video Accuracy

A Fed spokesperson told ABC News that they could not confirm the accuracy of the video, as it appears to have been edited.

Fed's Aggressive Rate Hikes Amid Prank Call

The Federal Reserve has been implementing a series of aggressive rate hikes, last seen in the 1980s, to combat inflation and slow down the economy.

Pranksters' History of Targeting Foreign Leaders

Alleged pranksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov, who support Russian President Vladimir Putin, have a history of duping foreign leaders over the phone, as reported by Bloomberg.

Security Concerns at the Fed

The prank call incident raises questions about the security measures in place at the Federal Reserve.

Impact of Fed Officials' Remarks on Markets

Statements from Powell and other top central bank officials often draw attention from investors and businesses, occasionally causing stock market fluctuations.

Controversy Over Private Fed Meetings

Private meetings with Fed officials have stirred controversy in the past, with St. Louis Fed President James Bullard facing backlash for off-the-record remarks at a Citigroup event in October.