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FAA and KOCA Partner on Advanced Air Mobility Development

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States has announced it will partner with the Korea Office of Civil Aviation (KOCA) to develop and oversee advanced air mobility projects.

Flags of USA and South Korea

The two nations signed a declaration to share information on advanced air mobility and promote safety in these projects. The FAA partnered with Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in the National Aviation Authorities Network to harmonize certification and integration plans for advanced air mobility.

Companies Worldwide Competing to Develop and Deploy eVTOLs

Several companies around the globe are competing to develop and eventually win regulatory approval to deploy electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL), also known as air taxis or low-altitude taxis.

These battery-powered aircraft can take off and land vertically and are being developed to ferry travelers to airports or on short trips between cities. The FAA has issued the airworthiness criteria that Archer Aviation and Joby Aviation will need to meet for their eVTOL models to be certified.