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European Watchdogs Establish ChatGPT Task Force for Privacy Rules

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB), which unifies national privacy watchdogs across Europe, announced on Thursday the creation of a task force focused on ChatGPT. This marks a potentially significant first step towards a unified approach to privacy regulations for artificial intelligence.

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Response to ChatGPT Growth and Concerns

Italy took a unilateral action last month to restrict ChatGPT, a move Germany's data protection commissioner suggested could be replicated in Europe's largest economy. Spain's AEPD watchdog also announced a preliminary investigation into potential data breaches by ChatGPT on Thursday. ChatGPT, an AI program known for its quick and wide-ranging responses, has become the fastest-growing consumer application in history, boasting over 100 million monthly active users. However, its rapid growth has raised concerns about safety, privacy, and job security.

Collaboration and Enforcement Actions

The EDPB's decision follows discussions about Italy's enforcement actions against OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed company that owns ChatGPT. The newly formed task force aims to encourage cooperation and information sharing on possible enforcement actions conducted by data protection authorities.

Aligning Policy Positions

An anonymous source from a national watchdog stated that member states hope to align their policy positions, though this will take time. The goal is not to penalize OpenAI or impose rules specifically targeting ChatGPT but to establish transparent, general policies. The recent meeting included policy experts sharing opinions and ideas rather than decision-makers.