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EUR/USD Forecasted to Continue Sideways Movement

The EUR/USD currency pair is predicted to remain in a sideways pattern, with potential difficulties in reaching new highs.

100 EUR Bills
100 EUR Bills

EUR/USD Remains in Tight Trading Range

The EUR/USD currency pair has been in a sideways pattern, with bears breaking the bull trend line but not achieving a downside breakout. This lateral movement may continue until the market reaches the moving average below.

Market Behavior Suggests Difficulty in Achieving New Highs

The market has been away from the moving average for over 25 bars, which indicates climactic behavior that may make it difficult for the market to achieve a successful breakout to a new high without reaching the moving average first. If the bulls do manage to break above the Dec. 15 high, the market may still fail at a new high and reverse back down to the moving average.


Traders should anticipate that the market will continue going sideways, potentially reaching the moving average in the near future.