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ECB May Raise Interest Rates by 25bps in May

European Central Bank (ECB) policymakers are reportedly considering a 25 basis point interest rate hike during their meeting next week, as published by Econostream Media on Tuesday. However, a more aggressive 50 basis point increase is also being discussed.

European Central Bank
European Central Bank

ECB Insiders Weigh Risks of Rate Hike

ECB insiders told the media that the risk of not doing enough still supersedes raising rates higher than necessary for a soft landing. An insider mentioned that this balance could shift eventually.

April Inflation Data Influences Decision

The decision on the size of the rate hike, scheduled for May 4, will depend on April's inflation data. Sources suggested the data would be significantly negative for the ECB to lean towards a 50 basis point increase.

Potential Pause in Policy Tightening Post-May

Following the anticipated rate hike in May, the report suggests that markets can expect a temporary halt in policy tightening measures.