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Cyberattacks Spark Service Outages at Microsoft in June

Unprecedented surges in traffic across Microsoft's services in early June have now been identified as cyberattacks, the tech giant confirms.

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Unraveling the Origin of June's Service Interruptions

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) clarified on Friday that cyberattacks caused the intermittent outages observed across several of its services in early June. Despite these assaults, the company confirmed that there was no evidence suggesting customer data was accessed or compromised during these episodes.

Microsoft's Stand Against Cyber Threats

From the outset of June 2023, Microsoft detected unusual traffic surges against its services, leading to temporary service disruptions. The company disclosed these facts in a recent blog post, noting its swift response in initiating an investigation to track the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) activities of a threat actor dubbed Storm-1359.

Unidentified Attacker Responsible for Cyber Onslaught

Microsoft has yet to respond to Reuters' inquiry about whether it had identified the perpetrators behind the attack. DDoS attacks direct massive volumes of internet traffic toward targeted servers, attempting to overwhelm and temporarily disable them through sheer volume.

Impact on Microsoft's 365 Suite: A Year-long Concern

The cyberattacks led to a two-hour outage of Microsoft's 365 software suite, including Teams and Outlook, affecting thousands of users on June 5, with a brief recurrence the following morning. These incidents mark the fourth occurrence of such outages within the tech behemoth's services within a year.