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Crypto Analyst Claims Bullish Trends are Manipulated

After taking a break from Twitter, crypto trader il Capo of Crypto returned to the platform, sharing his belief that the move from bearish lows is highly manipulated. The anonymous analyst specifically mentioned BUSD and USDC as contributing factors.

Wall Street sign, Bitcoin logo and Bull
Wall Street sign, Bitcoin logo and Bull

Subtitle: Bearish Outlook and Market Absence

On March 19, CryptoCapo tweeted a thread stating his continued bearish outlook and that he is fully out of the market. The trader also addressed the "Twitter noises" surrounding his analysis and predictions about the manipulated upward trends in crypto and his prolonged silence on the platform.

Subtitle: Time Away from Twitter and Personal Life

Il Capo of Crypto expressed that his time away from Twitter was beneficial and necessary. He assured followers he was doing well and enjoying his personal life, expressing gratitude for those who showed concern.

Subtitle: Message to Opponents and Market Sentiment

Previously, on February 17, the trader addressed his opponents with a message emphasizing the importance of respect. He acknowledged the market's seemingly bullish nature but noted that many feared losing, resulting in resentment.

Subtitle: Warnings Against Investing and Twitter Negativity

The crypto analyst has occasionally appeared on Twitter to reiterate his belief that now is not the right time to invest, stating he is not buying. He also informed followers that his absence was to avoid the negativity present on the platform.

Subtitle: Lack of Bullish Confirmation and Community Support

On January 9, il Capo of Crypto tweeted about the absence of bullish confirmation, insisting the bearish trend remained intact. The community's reactions to his tweets showcased a mix of support and requests for him to return to the platform.