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Court Restricts NY Fraud Lawsuit Against Donald Trump, Clears Ivanka

A decisive ruling in New York has reshaped the legal landscape surrounding a significant fraud case against the Trump family.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Unraveling the Trump Lawsuit: What's Next?

In a crucial ruling, a New York appeals court on Tuesday diminished the scope of a civil lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump and his family business. The lawsuit alleges the Trumps engaged in "staggering" fraud, but the recent ruling indicates that the extent of these accusations might be significantly reduced.

The Statutes of Limitation: A Crucial Barrier

The Manhattan Appellate Division held that statutes of limitations prevent James from pursuing legal action over transactions that took place before either July 13, 2014, or February 6, 2016, depending on the specific defendant involved. This critical date-based limitation essentially truncates the allegations, focusing the lawsuit on a shorter timeline.

Ivanka Trump: Dismissed from the Lawsuit

The court has further ruled that allegations against Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, were too dated. As such, all charges against her have been thrown out as they have been deemed untimely. This major move effectively removes Ivanka Trump from the lawsuit altogether, clearing her name in this particular legal scenario.