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Continental and Ambarella Partner to Develop Autonomous Driving Technologies

Continental, a Germany-based automotive company, has partnered with California-based artificial intelligence (AI) chip firm Ambarella to develop software and hardware systems for autonomous vehicles.

Continental EV
Continental EV

The collaboration will focus on creating Level 2 plus autonomous driving capabilities, which allow drivers to briefly take their hands off the wheel through features such as assisted cruise control and lane centering.

Ambarella is known for developing system-on-a-chip (SoC) semiconductors, which combine multiple CPUs on one logic board and provide AI processing. The partnership will involve developing high-resolution cameras, radar, and lidar senses, as well as software from Continental.

In addition to this partnership, Continental holds a minority stake in AEye, a California-based lidar startup. The company has integrated a long-range lidar sensor based on AEye's patents to complement its existing short-range lidar technology.

What is Level 2 Plus Autonomous Driving?

Level 2 plus autonomous driving refers to vehicle automation that allows the car to handle some driving tasks but requires the driver to be fully attentive and ready to take control of the vehicle at any time. This level of automation includes features such as adaptive cruise control and lane centering, which can help the driver stay in their lane and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

While Level 2 plus autonomous driving does not allow drivers to completely relinquish control of the vehicle, it can help reduce the burden of driving and make it more enjoyable. It is an important step towards fully autonomous vehicles, which are expected to play a significant role in the future of transportation.