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Class Action Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Launched

A class action lawsuit has been launched against nearly 50 municipalities in Ontario, alleging that they violated employees' constitutional rights by mandating COVID-19 vaccines and seeking $125.95 million in compensation from the municipalities and taxpayer-funded service providers.

Covid-19 vaccine
Covid-19 vaccine

A class action lawsuit has been launched against almost 50 municipalities in the province of Ontario, alleging that they violated the constitutional rights of their employees by mandating COVID-19 vaccines. The lawsuit involves over 200 plaintiffs, mostly first responders, and essential workers, who are seeking a total of $125.95 million in compensation, with each plaintiff asking for $550,000.

Plaintiffs' Claims

The lawsuit claims that all plaintiffs were sent home without pay or fired for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccines or undergo regular COVID-19 testing, despite having a conscientious or medical reason for doing so. The lawsuit also alleges that the plaintiffs were arbitrarily denied exemptions and are now ineligible for employment insurance benefits.

Named Municipalities and Fire Departments

The Town of Oakville and its fire department are among the nearly 50 municipalities named defendants in the lawsuit, along with school boards, municipal services, and individuals. The City of Burlington was not named as a defendant.

Allegations Against COVID-19 Measures

The lawsuit calls on the court to declare COVID-19 vaccine mandates to be not scientifically or medically based and raises questions about the accuracy of polymerase chain reaction tests used by various employers to check for infection. The lawsuit also claims that the COVID-19 measures have caused more deaths than the actual disease.

Previous Lawsuit Dismissed

A similar lawsuit filed by the same lawyer against federal agencies and federally-regulated organizations was recently dismissed, with the judge calling the claims "bad beyond argument." None of the allegations in the current lawsuit have been proven in court, and no statements of defence have yet been filed.