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Citigroup Addresses Shareholder Concerns Over Stock Performance

Citigroup Inc's Chairman, John Dugan, acknowledged shareholders' concerns about the bank's stock performance during the annual meeting held on Tuesday. He assured that the company is actively resolving its regulatory issues and improving its stock.

Citigroup logo
Citigroup logo

Shareholder Motions and Support Levels

Although no shareholder motions passed, some proposals received outstanding support. 28% of voters favored restricting management termination pay, while 31% backed a proposal to report on Citigroup's impact on Indigenous rights. The preliminary tallies showed varying levels of support for different proposals.

Climate Activists Target Citigroup and Bank of America

Only 10% of voters supported a resolution for Citigroup to phase out fossil fuel financing. This issue caught the attention of climate activists, who targeted Citigroup and Bank of America offices with spray-painted messages and protests on Monday, ahead of their annual meetings.