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China's Military Simulates Precision Strikes on Taiwan During Drills

China's military conducted precision strike simulations against Taiwan on the second day of drills around the island, as Taiwan's defense ministry reported. These exercises continued after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the United States.

Photograph of the Chinese warship taken during the exercise
Photograph of the Chinese warship taken during the exercise

Multiple Air Force Sorties and Missile Forces Monitored by Taiwan

During the drills, Taiwan's defense ministry monitored multiple air force sorties and China's missile forces. China, which claims Taiwan as its territory, started three days of military exercises around the island on Saturday.

Chinese State Television Reports Ongoing Combat Readiness Drills

Chinese state television confirmed the ongoing combat readiness patrols and drills around Taiwan. The military's Eastern Theatre Command released an animation of the simulated attacks on its WeChat account, showing missiles fired from land, sea, and air.

Simulated Air and Sea Attacks on Foreign Military Targets

A security source informed Reuters that China had been conducting simulated air and sea attacks on foreign military targets in the waters off Taiwan's southwestern coast, mentioning that "Taiwan is not their only target."

Taiwan's Defense Ministry Keeps Close Watch on PLA Rocket Force

Taiwan's defense ministry closely monitored the People's Liberation Army's Rocket Force, responsible for China's land-based missile system. They emphasized that Taiwanese forces would respond "appropriately" to China's drills without escalating conflicts or causing disputes.

Chinese war plane
Chinese war plane

The U.S. Monitors Drills and Maintains Open Communication with China

The de facto U.S. embassy in Taiwan said the United States was closely monitoring China's drills and remains "comfortable and confident" about having sufficient regional resources and capabilities to ensure peace and stability. Communication channels with China are open, and the U.S. consistently urges restraint and no change to the status quo.

Increased Chinese Military Pressure on Taiwan in Recent Years

China has increased military pressure on Taiwan over the past three years, flying regular missions around the island without entering its territorial air space. Taiwan's defense ministry reported spotting 71 Chinese air force aircraft and nine navy vessels around Taiwan within 24 hours.