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China Urges U.S. to Change Attitude to Avoid Conflict

China's Foreign Minister Qin Gang has warned the United States to change its "distorted" attitude towards China or risk conflict while defending China's stance on the war in Ukraine and its close ties with Russia and adopting the "wolf warrior diplomacy" stance.

Qin Gang, China's Foreign Minister
Qin Gang, China's Foreign Minister

China's foreign minister has warned the United States to change its "distorted" attitude towards China or risk conflict. The U.S. has been accused of suppressing and containing China rather than engaging in fair competition. Foreign Minister Qin Gang says the U.S. sees China as its primary rival and the most consequential geopolitical challenge, which is a "seriously distorted" perception of the situation.

Tension Between Superpowers Escalates

Relations between the two superpowers have been tense over issues such as Taiwan, trade, and, more recently, the war in Ukraine. Tensions escalated last month after the U.S. shot down a balloon it claims was a Chinese spying craft. The U.S. says it is seeking to establish guardrails for relations and prevent conflict, but China says this means it cannot respond with words or action when attacked.

China Adopts "Wolf Warrior Diplomacy"

During a news conference, Foreign Minister Qin defended "wolf warrior diplomacy," an assertive and often abrasive stance adopted by China's diplomats since 2020. He likened the Sino-U.S. competition to a race between Olympic athletes, saying that it's not fair competition if one side tries to trip the other up. Qin also defended China's close ties with Russia and said it had to advance its relations with Russia as the world becomes more turbulent.

Flags of U.S. and China
Flags of U.S. and China

China Defends Stance on Ukraine War

Foreign Minister Qin also defended China's stance on the war in Ukraine, saying that an "invisible hand" was pushing for the escalation of the war. He called for dialogue to end the war and reiterated China's call. China has declined to condemn the invasion of Ukraine and has fiercely defended its stance on Ukraine, despite Western criticism of its failure to single out Russia as the aggressor.

China Advances Relations with Russia

Foreign Minister Qin says China's close interactions between President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, anchor their countries' relations. He did not give a definite answer when asked if Xi would visit Russia after China's parliament session. Qin says countries should use whatever currency is efficient, safe, and credible, and currencies should not be used for bullying or coercion.