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China to Create New Data Regulator

China wants to centralize its data management by creating a new government agency. As the Wall Street Journal reported, this move aims to address businesses' data security practices and streamline their regulatory structure.

Xi Jinping, President of China
Xi Jinping, President of China

New Agency to be Top Chinese Regulator on Data Issues

The new agency, set to become the top Chinese regulator on various data-related issues, will be discussed and approved at the National People's Congress during its annual session on March 13.

National Data Bureau to Set and Enforce Data Rules

The new national data bureau would set and enforce data collection and business sharing rules. It would also have the authority to decide whether multinational companies can export data generated by their operations in China.

Investigating Issues in the Digital Domain

The national data bureau would also investigate various issues in the digital domain and identify data security vulnerabilities prone to cyberattacks.

Relaxation of Deadline Pressure for Multinational Companies

Chinese regulators have recently eased some deadline pressure on multinational companies struggling to comply with new rules requiring them to seek approval to export user data.