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China Simulates Precision Strikes on Taiwan During Military Drills

China's military conducted simulated precision strikes on Taiwan during the second day of military exercises. Taiwan's defense ministry reported multiple air force sorties and closely monitored China's missile forces.

The exercise image shared by the Chinese government
The exercise image shared by the Chinese government

Chinese Military Drills Continue as Taiwan President Returns from US Visit

The three-day military exercises began on Saturday, following Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen's brief visit to the United States. Chinese state television confirmed that combat readiness patrols and drills were ongoing around Taiwan.

Simulated Joint Strikes on Key Taiwan Targets

Under the command of the joint theatre operations command center, multiple units carried out simulated joint precision strikes on key targets in Taiwan and its surrounding sea areas. China's military maintains an offensive posture around the island.

China Conducts Simulated Attacks on Foreign Military Targets

A security source revealed that China had been conducting simulated air and sea attacks on foreign military targets in Taiwan's southwestern coast waters. "Taiwan is not their only target," the source said, describing the actions as provocative.

Taiwan's Defense Ministry Monitors Chinese Aircraft and Ships

By Sunday morning, Taiwan's defense ministry had identified 70 Chinese aircraft and 11 ships around Taiwan. The ministry is paying special attention to China's land-based missile system, the People's Liberation Army's Rocket Force.

Stand-off Near Taiwan Strait Median Line

Approximately 20 military ships, split evenly between Taiwan and China, were engaged in a stand-off near the Taiwan Strait's median line. While not acting provocatively, the stand-off marks a tense moment between the two sides.

Shandong Aircraft Carrier Engaged in Drills off Taiwan's Coast

China's aircraft carrier Shandong, which Taiwan has been monitoring since last week, is currently over 400 nautical miles off Taiwan's southeast coast, conducting drills.

Zhao Xiaozhuo Discusses Simulated Attacks on Taiwan

This is the first time China has openly discussed simulated attacks on targets in Taiwan, according to Zhao Xiaozhuo of China's Academy of Military Sciences. Key targets include infrastructure, military logistics facilities, and mobile targets.

US Monitors Drills, Remains Comfortable and Confident

The United States is closely monitoring China's drills around Taiwan and maintains that it has the necessary resources and capabilities to ensure peace and stability in the region. US channels of communication with China remain open.

Chinese Fighters and Warships Surround Taiwan

China has increased military pressure on Taiwan over the past three years, flying regular missions around the island without entering its territorial airspace. Taiwan's defense ministry reported 71 Chinese air force aircraft and nine navy vessels around Taiwan within 24 hours.