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China Protests U.S. Trade Blacklist Inclusion of Chinese Companies

China's commerce ministry has opposed the United States' decision to add several Chinese firms to its trade blacklist. The announcement was made on Friday.

Flag of U.S. and China
Flag of U.S. and China

China Urges U.S. to Stop Suppressing Chinese Businesses

In a statement released on its website, the ministry called on the United States to cease using any excuse to suppress Chinese companies. China believes this practice is unjust and harmful to their businesses.

U.S. Commerce Department Adds BGI Genomics Unit to Export Control List

The U.S. Commerce Department, responsible for overseeing export controls, recently placed a unit of genetics company BGI Genomics Co Ltd on the export control list. Additionally, BGI Research and Forensic Genomics International, part of the BGI Group and parent company to BGI Genomics Co Ltd, was included.