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China Clones 'Super Cows' for Boost in Milk Production

Chinese scientists have cloned three cows that can produce an extraordinary amount of milk.

Grazing cows
Grazing cows

The state-run media has called this a major win for China's dairy industry, as it will help reduce dependence on imported breeds.

Super Cows" Born in Ningxia

The three cows were bred by scientists at the Northwest University of Agricultural and Forestry Science and Technology in the Ningxia region ahead of the Lunar New Year. The cows were cloned from the Holstein Friesian breed's highly productive cows originating from the Netherlands. These animals can produce 18 tons of milk per year or 100 tons in their lifetime, nearly 1.7 times the average amount produced by a cow in the US.

Cloning Process

The scientists made 120 cloned embryos from the ear cells of the highly productive cows and implanted them in surrogate cows. The first calf was born on December 30th by cesarean section, weighing 56.7 kilograms.

Breakthrough for China's Dairy Industry

This new development is a major step for China's dairy industry and will help them reduce dependence on imported breeds. The successful cloning of these "super cows" will significantly increase milk production and contribute to China's dairy industry's growth.