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China Calls for Russia-Ukraine Ceasefire as Neutrality Questioned

China reiterates its call for a political settlement to the Ukraine conflict as pressure grows on its growing partnership with Moscow.

Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov
Wang Yi and Sergey Lavrov

China's Position Paper on Ukraine Conflict

In a newly released position paper, China's Foreign Ministry calls for peace talks and an end to sanctions while stressing opposition to nuclear weapons. The 12-point document is part of Beijing's efforts to present itself as a neutral peace broker as it balances its relationship with Moscow and the West.

Claim to Neutrality Undermined

China's claim to neutrality has been criticized for its refusal to acknowledge the conflict as an invasion and its support for Moscow. Western officials also raised concerns about China providing Russia with military assistance, which Beijing denies.

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

Language Targeted at West

The policy document reiterates China's standard talking points and targets the West. It criticizes the US and other Western countries' economic sanctions on Russia and the "Cold War mentality." It also fails to acknowledge Russia's violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.

Reactions to China's Position Paper

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and the ambassador of the European Union to China, Jorge Toledo, criticized the position paper. Ukraine called the paper "a good sign" but urged China to do more. Kyiv was not consulted before the release of the paper.

China-Russia Relations

Top diplomat Wang Yi discussed the position paper at a security conference in Munich. Wang visited Moscow and met with Putin, where Putin welcomed Wang with open arms and described relations between the two countries as "reaching new milestones." Wang said the two countries face crisis and chaos but always have opportunities in a crisis.