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ChatGPT-4's Crypto Trading Experiment: $100 Investment Strategy

Explore ChatGPT-4's $100 crypto trading experiment, revealing its investment strategy and volatile digital currency market performance.

GPT-4 image
GPT-4 image

The GPT-4 version of OpenAI's ChatGPT AI, released on March 14, is significantly more powerful than its predecessor. Cointelegraph conducted an AI-trading experiment with GPT-4 to understand its potential biases towards certain cryptocurrencies and its ability to adjust strategy for maximum profit.

Experiment Details and Data Provision

The experiment began on March 17, with GPT-4 instructed to allocate $100 to maximize profits in the shortest possible time. Cointelegraph provided GPT-4 with year-end round-ups for 2021 and 2022, along with recent market news, to inform its investment decisions based on recent events.

GPT-4's Market Analysis and Investment Allocation

Considering the current volatile state of the crypto market, GPT-4 advised allocating $50 to Bitcoin, $25 to Ether, $15 to ATOM, and $10 to NFT and Web3-related projects.

Reasons Behind GPT-4's Bitcoin and Ether Choices

GPT-4 stated that despite short-term volatility, Bitcoin has strong long-term potential as a haven during financial instability. It also suggested that Ethereum's upcoming Shanghai upgrade could strengthen its dominance and benefit liquid staking providers.

Cryptocurrency logos
Cryptocurrency logos

The chatbot recommended ATOM due to Cosmos' launch of Interchain Security, which could create growth opportunities. It also suggested investing in Decentraland's MANA, as interest in virtual worlds and NFTs continues to grow, and Chainlink's LINK due to the rising demand for reliable off-chain data.

Tracking the Performance of GPT-4's Crypto Portfolio

Cointelegraph made the purchases on an exchange and is tracking the fund's performance using a portfolio tracker. At the time of writing, a small paper gain has been reported. Updates will be shared in the future, and proceeds will be donated to a charity chosen by the community.

Experiment Inspiration from Twitter User Jackson Fall

The experiment is inspired by Twitter user Jackson Fall, who created "HustleGPT," focusing on e-commerce.