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Bloomberg Denies Interest in Acquiring Dow Jones or Washington Post

A Bloomberg L.P. spokesperson has denied recent reports that the company is interested in acquiring Dow Jones or the Washington Post.

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg

In a tweet, Ty Trippet stated that "there have been no conversations with anyone or either organization about an acquisition." This statement was subsequently retweeted by Bloomberg owner Michael Bloomberg.

The news website Axios had reported on Friday that Bloomberg was considering the acquisition of either Dow Jones, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, citing a source familiar with Bloomberg's plans. However, a spokesperson for the Washington Post, which was purchased by Jeff Bezos in 2013 for $250 million, stated that the newspaper is not for sale.

Antitrust Concerns in Potential Bloomberg-Dow Jones Merger

Should Bloomberg pursue the acquisition of Dow Jones, antitrust experts believe that it would likely draw the attention of U.S. regulators, particularly given the Biden administration's more aggressive approach to enforcing antitrust laws. Both Bloomberg News and Dow Jones offer business news and would therefore be in direct competition with one another. Additionally, Thomson Reuters Corp, the parent company of Reuters, also competes with both Dow Jones and Bloomberg News in the financial news industry.