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Binance Joins Forces with Law Enforcement for Anti-Scam Efforts

Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange platform by trading volume, has partnered with law enforcement agencies to launch a Joint Anti-Scam Campaign. The exchange will work with law enforcement agencies worldwide to combat cyber crimes and protect users.

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Pilot Run of Joint Anti-Scam Campaign in Hong Kong

The partnership began with a pilot run with the Hong Kong Police Force. The program results showed that approximately 20.4% of users had either reconsidered the withdrawal or reviewed the transaction for potential scams.

Expanding Anti-Scam Campaign Across the World

Binance intends to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in other regions to expand the Joint Anti-Scam Campaign. The exchange's anti-crime and crime prevention initiatives, as well as its law enforcement assistance action and Global Law Enforcement Training Program, will complement the anti-scam efforts.

Combatting Threats to the Digital Asset Industry

The rise of cyber crimes has hindered the growth of the digital asset industry. Binance's partnership with traditional law enforcement is necessary to combat this threat and ensure a safer environment for users.