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Binance Airdrops $100 of BNB to Earthquake-Hit Regions in Turkey

Binance will donate $100 worth of Binance Coin (BNB) to its users affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey via an airdrop. The distribution will reach users in 10 provinces most affected by the disaster.

Binance Charıty logo
Binance Charıty logo

Proof of Address Determines Beneficiaries

The donation recipients will be determined by the Proof of Address (POA) method, completed before February 6. Although POA may have certain limitations, it is currently the most reliable method to quickly reach earthquake victims. The total donation is expected to reach 5 million USD.

Transparent and Fast Aid Delivery with Crypto

Crypto transfers offer a fast and transparent way to deliver financial aid to disaster victims. Binance Charity has been established as a public donation address where anyone can donate digital assets, including BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, and XRP, to the Turkey Earthquake Relief fund. The donated amount will first be converted to Turkish Lira and then transferred to authorized state charities to reach those in need.

Binance Stands with Earthquake Victims

"Recent earthquakes in Turkey have had devastating effects on many people and communities," said Binance CEO CZ. "We hope our efforts bring some relief to those affected. In addition, we invite our stakeholders in the industry to come together and extend a helping hand in these times of crisis." CZ added that Binance would continue to support its community in Turkey during these difficult times.