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Biden to Speak with Xi Jinping on Balloon Incident

President Biden to speak with Xi Jinping about recent Chinese spy balloon incident; U.S. and China differ on balloon's purpose. Biden says no evidence suggests objects were from China or other countries.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping
Joe Biden and Xi Jinping 

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he expects to have a conversation with China's President Xi Jinping about the recent incident involving a Chinese spy balloon shot down by a U.S. fighter jet. Biden stated that the United States is not seeking a new cold war and will continue to engage in diplomacy with China regarding the issue.

Biden Addresses the Chinese Balloon Incident

Biden made his most extensive remarks about the incident and three unidentified objects also shot down by American fighters. He did not specify when he would speak with Xi but stated that he was determined to get to the bottom of the incident. Biden made it clear that he had no apologies for taking down the balloon and responded to complaints from Beijing.

China vs. the U.S. on Balloon Incident

China claims that the 200-foot balloon was used for monitoring weather conditions, while the United States asserts that it was a surveillance balloon with a massive undercarriage containing electronics. Biden had remained silent on the issue until lawmakers demanded more information.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Biden Updates on Unidentified Aerial Objects

Biden stated that the U.S. intelligence community is still trying to learn more about the three unidentified objects spotted in Alaska, Canada, and Lake Huron. He said there is no evidence suggesting that they were related to the Chinese spy balloon program or surveillance vehicles from any other country. Biden and his team are working on new parameters for launching missiles at such aircraft. The intelligence community believes that the objects were most likely balloons tied to private companies, recreation, or research institutions.