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Biden Proclaims March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility

President Biden proclaims March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility, highlighting the accomplishments of transgender Americans while addressing ongoing challenges, discrimination, and his administration's efforts to support the community.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

President Highlights Contributions of Transgender Americans

In an official proclamation, President Biden recognized the significant impact of transgender Americans on the nation's soul. He praised their contributions in various fields, including the military, medicine, politics, business, and social justice. The President acknowledged their roles in raising families and fighting for equal rights.

Transgender Americans Face Discrimination and Violence

President Biden expressed concern over the ongoing denial of rights and freedoms to many transgender individuals. He highlighted the wave of discriminatory state laws targeting transgender youth and the epidemic of violence against transgender women and girls, especially those of color. The President called for ending these injustices that have cost lives too soon.

Biden Administration's Efforts to Support Transgender Community

The President discussed his administration's efforts to support the American transgender community, such as reinstating their right to serve in the military and introducing "gender markers" on U.S. passports. He emphasized the need for continued action to ensure equality and inclusivity for all.

States Implement Restrictions on Transgender Care for Minors

Several states, including West Virginia and Kentucky, have joined a group of nine others in banning or restricting transgender surgeries and care for minors. President Biden and his administration have criticized these actions as discriminatory and cruel. Federal judges have blocked similar laws in states like Alabama and Arkansas, while nearly two dozen other states are considering restrictive bills this year.