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Biden Predicts No Auto Workers' Strike Despite Contract Deadline Looming

U.S. President Joe Biden gives insights into the anticipated auto workers' situation.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

President's Statement

U.S. President Joe Biden expressed on Monday his belief that a strike by workers from the nation's three large automakers is unlikely, even with an approaching contract deadline later this month.

Biden's Confidence

Arriving in Philadelphia in preparation for a speech commemorating the U.S. Labor Day holiday, the Democratic president stated, "I'm not worried about a strike. I don't think it's going to happen."

Union's Position

In the preceding month, the United Auto Workers union revealed that its members had predominantly voted in support of authorizing a strike against the Detroit Three automakers, should an agreement remain elusive before the expiration of the current four-year contract on September 14.

Industry's Concerns

Although a UAW-led strike isn't a guaranteed outcome, the aggressive demands for significant wage and benefit increases by UAW President Shawn Fain, combined with the union's intense campaign efforts, have left several Detroit industry professionals and analysts apprehensive about potential walkouts this September.