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Biden Administration Absolves $39B Student Debt

The Biden Administration makes a historic move by canceling a whopping $39 billion in student loans, promising a brighter future for over 804,000 borrowers.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Biden Administration to Absolve Student Debt

The Biden Administration, as confirmed by the Education Department, plans to erase $39 billion in student loans. This significant step will benefit more than 804,000 borrowers, presenting itself as a significant modification to the income-driven repayment (IDR) plans.

Criteria for Eligibility

Under this revamped repayment program, borrowers can be granted forgiveness provided they have made either 20 or 25 years of consistent monthly IDR payments. The IDR program is designed to limit payment obligations for borrowers with lesser incomes, pardoning the leftover balance after a predetermined number of years.

Addressing Historical Inaccuracies

The department's initiative not only provides financial relief but also rectifies what it identified as "historical inaccuracies" in the tally of payments that count toward forgiveness under IDR plans. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona expressed concern over the longstanding issue of borrowers falling through the system's cracks due to poor record keeping of their progress towards forgiveness.

Biden's Ongoing Commitment to Student Loan Relief

Biden, undeterred by the Supreme Court's decision against his plan to absolve hundreds of billions of dollars in debt, pledges to propose fresh strategies for student loan relief. The Education Department has kick-started a regulatory "rulemaking" process to execute his ambitious $430 billion loan relief proposal, albeit the process is expected to last for several months.

A Separate, Small Scale Relief Program

The relief announced on Friday is comparatively smaller and falls under a distinct, payment count adjustment scheme that the Biden administration rolled out in April last year, as per the department.

The Administration's Ongoing Fight for Affordable Education

Vice President Kamala Harris, in her statement, reiterates the administration's commitment to ensuring Americans can pursue high-quality post-secondary education without being burdened by unmanageable student loan debt.