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Biden Admin Criticizes Trump in Afghanistan Withdrawal Review

On Thursday, the White House disclosed its assessment of President Biden's 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal, scrutinizing the Trump administration's role in the process.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Trump Administration Blamed for Constraining Withdrawal Conditions

The review repeatedly faults the Trump administration for limiting the conditions under which American troops could be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

After-Action Reviews Examined by Key Departments

Over several months, relevant departments and agencies have conducted comprehensive internal after-action reviews, examining their decision-making and execution during the Afghanistan withdrawal process.

Congress to Receive Access to Classified Reviews

The Secretaries of State and Defense recently informed Congress members that they would be granted access to these reviews by mid-April. As a result, Congress will gain access to classified documents, and the NSC will release a report summarizing the lessons learned and their implementation in other global challenges.

The White House report "U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan" is below.