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Apple's Mixed Reality Headset, Reality Pro, to Launch Spring 2023

Apple's first mixed-reality headset, rumored to be called "Reality Pro," is set to launch in the spring of 2023.

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The device is expected to offer a mixed-reality experience, combining augmented and virtual reality.

The Reality Pro's Features

The new device will feature over ten exterior and interior cameras and run on a new operating system called xrOS. Developers are already working on apps for the device, which will reportedly be released later this year. The Reality Pro will be a standalone headset, not requiring a computer or phone to overlay digital imagery on users' surroundings, allowing for fully immersive VR experiences.

Apple's Entry into the Metaverse

The launch of the Reality Pro marks Apple's first venture into the virtual metaverse, putting them in competition with the likes of Meta, who uses their own branded virtual reality headsets, Meta Quest, to access the metaverse.

Price Point and Impact

While early reports suggest, the Reality Pro could cost as much as $3,000, nearly double the price of Meta's Quest Pro mixed-reality headset at $1,499. However, the launch of the Reality Pro could bring more competition to the mixed-reality space, leading to further advancements and development in the field.