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Apple Eyes Chatbot AI Revolution: An Unprecedented Rival to OpenAI and Google's Tech Giants

Apple is making strides in the AI race, testing innovative language models and chatbots to rival major players such as OpenAI and Google.

Apple Store
Apple Store

Rising Shares Amidst AI Endeavors: Apple's 'Ajax'

Apple's shares have seen a significant boost, increasing by as much as 2% to a record high, following reports that the tech titan is venturing into the artificial intelligence (AI) arena. According to Bloomberg News, Apple is developing AI tools that will potentially rival OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard.

Introducing 'Ajax' and 'Apple GPT': Apple's Groundbreaking AI Framework and Chatbot

In a bid to create large language models (LLMs), Apple has designed its unique framework, dubbed "Ajax". The company is also reportedly testing an advanced chatbot known among engineers as "Apple GPT", according to sources familiar with the matter.

Apple's Stealthy Steps into AI: A Contrast to Industry's Bold Moves

Although Apple has not made any major proclamations about its ventures into AI, this new direction suggests a stark contrast to other tech behemoths. Alphabet and Microsoft have been overtly aggressive in incorporating this transformative technology into their operations. Meanwhile, Apple's subtle approach has led to a decrease in shares for Microsoft, Nvidia, and Alphabet by more than 1%.

Apple's Existing AI Footprint: Beyond Siri

Despite its more discrete moves, Apple has begun to incorporate advanced AI in several products, including Apple Photos, on-device texting, and the recently launched Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. However, industry analysts argue that the company still lags behind its peers in the adoption of the latest AI technology. Apple's primary AI product, the voice assistant Siri, is also viewed as having stagnated in recent years.

Inside Apple's AI Project: 'Bard' Replica and Prototyping Tool

Apple's latest AI venture is a collaborative effort led by John Giannandrea, head of machine learning and AI, and Craig Federighi, the company's top software engineering executive. According to reports, the new virtual assistant summarizes text and answers questions based on trained data. It is currently being used internally for product prototyping and is seen as an effective replica of Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI, functioning as a web application.

Apple's Future AI Plans: Anticipating a Major Announcement

Apple's concrete plan for its developing AI tools remains undisclosed. However, insiders suggest that the company is working towards making a significant AI-related announcement in the forthcoming year. As Apple continues to test and refine its AI technology, the industry watches on with keen interest.