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Amazon Union Victory Upheld by U.S. Labor Board Director

The director of the U.S. labor board has upheld the union victory of Amazon workers in a warehouse in New York.

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This decision brings Amazon closer to negotiating with its staff for a contract. Amazon has the right to appeal the decision to a wider panel at the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) or can start negotiating with the workers at its JFK8 facility in the New York City borough of Staten Island.

Amazon to Appeal Decision

Amazon Spokesperson Kelly Nantel said, "We knew it was unlikely that the NLRB Regional Office would rule against itself, and intend to appeal." Nantel also added, "We don't believe this election process was fair, legitimate, or representative of the majority of what our team wants."

Union Victory a First for Amazon

The victory marked the first time U.S. staff at Amazon had decided to unionize in the company's nearly three-decade history and a watershed moment for organized labor. In a tweet, the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) celebrated the labor board director's decision.

Union Argued for Higher Pay and Job Security

During the election, last March, 55% of employees who voted had opted in favor of joining the union, which argued for higher pay and