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Amazon to Close 3 UK Warehouses, Impacting 1,200 Jobs

Amazon plans to shut down three of its warehouses in the United Kingdom, resulting in the loss of 1,200 jobs.

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However, the company stated that affected employees would be allowed to transfer to other units.

The three warehouses will be closed in Hemel Hampstead, Doncaster, and Gourock. These sites employ 1,200 people and are some of Amazon's biggest operations outside the United States.

Those employees will be allowed to move jobs internally, said Amazon, with those from the first two sites moving to other warehouses nearby. The company operates 30 large warehouses across the United Kingdom.

Amazon plans to open two new warehouses in central and northeast England over the next three years, a move it said will create 2,500 new jobs.

This move is not part of a wider restructuring effort, mainly covering non-warehouse roles in e-commerce and human resources.

Additionally, the company's UK warehouse staff has also called for better pay, with around 300 planning to go on strike on January 25th.